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Lab-Grown Diamond Necklaces: The Perfect Gift for the Ethically Conscious 

Lab-grown diamonds are all the rage these days. But should you consider buying a lab-grown diamond necklace for your loved one?  A hundred times, yes!  For one, they are 100% real. Unlike mined diamonds, they are also conflict-free and eco-friendly. It’s an incredible gift for someone who cares deeply about nature and human beings! section […]

The Environmental Impact of Lab-Grown Diamond Necklaces: Are They Truly Eco-Friendly?

“Sustainability” and “Eco-friendly” are buzzwords surrounding any industry today, from automobiles to clothing. The same holds true in the world of jewelry, too, especially when it comes to lab-grown diamond necklaces. Lab-grown diamond jewelry is marketed as an ethical and eco-friendly alternative to those adorned with minded diamonds. So, is there any truth to this? […]

The Differences Between Lab-Grown Diamond Necklaces and Cubic Zirconia Necklaces

Diamond necklaces, with their radiant allure, have long been at the pinnacle of gemstone jewelry. In 2018, the global diamond jewelry market was valued at around $79 billion. Meanwhile, the worldwide gemstone industry has seen a steady annual growth of 5%. This highlights the immense popularity and demand for diamond jewelry. Modern technology has also […]

Why Choose Lab-Grown Diamond Necklaces? Pros And Cons To Consider

Lab-grown diamonds are not a new concept. In fact, the very first ones (of Gem quality) were manufactured way back in 1954 by General Electric. Today, the lab-grown diamond industry is valued at ~$26.9 billion and is poised to hit $55.6 billion by 2031.  However, there is still a shroud of mystery that surrounds them […]