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The cross pendant has become a must-have piece of jewelry, symbolizing beauty, elegance, and profound faith. The diamond cross pendant, in particular, carries spiritual significance and a timeless allure.

Diamond cross pendants have been around for ages. Growing in popularity during the medieval periods for its religious value, this style has emerged as a famous fashion statement adored by celebrities worldwide.

So how can you get this celebrity-inspired look for less? Let’s take a look!


How Can You Purchase an Affordable Yet Stylish Diamond Cross Pendant?

How Can You Purchase an Affordable Yet Stylish Diamond Cross Pendant?

Timeless and versatile, diamond cross pendants are a perfect addition to any jewelry collection, complementing casual and sophisticated styles. If you aspire to be as fashionable as a celebrity, explore the most trending cross pendant designs, including birthstone-embedded crosses and gold crucifixes. Discover the modifications that can help you achieve the desired look without breaking the bank.

Here are some budget-friendly ideas to get started:

  • Select a smaller size: You don’t have to wear large statement pieces that celebrities frequently do. Look for smaller replicas in the same design as the item worn by your favorite celeb. 
  • Give preference to online shopping: Online stores offer a larger and more diverse range of diamond cross pendants than in-store selections, so finding what you’re looking for will take less time and effort. Additionally, online stores tend to run more promotions for their customers. (Pro Tip: Frequent social media accounts for giveaways and flash sales.)
  • Buy from well-known brands: It’s worth buying jewelry from reputed brands to ensure you only receive the highest quality in your price range.
  • Opt for lab-grown diamonds: Lab-grown diamonds are more affordable than natural diamonds despite having the same chemical makeup. Plus, you can flaunt your celebrity-inspired look confidently by wearing conflict-free and eco-conscious diamonds.  

Celebrity-Inspired Diamond Cross Pendants

Whether you’re looking for a simple diamond cross pendant or something more elaborate, there are plenty of styles. From the classic cross to modern interpretations like the long necklace and choker, there’s something for everyone.

Here are some of our favorite celebrity-inspired diamond cross pendants that we recommend adding to your jewelry collection:

The Madonna Diamond Cross Pendant

The Madonna Diamond Cross Pendant

Madonna’s stunning diamond cross is a classic example of how a simple design can be dramatized by adding diamonds and an antique setting. The large size of the pendant makes it ideal for layering with other pieces or wearing it by itself as a statement piece. Wear your cross on a long chain instead of around your neck to channel the look.

The Rihanna Diamond Cross Pendant

The Rihanna Diamond Cross Pendant

Rihanna’s diamond cross necklace is all about bling! This piece has plenty of sparkle thanks to its large center stone surrounded by smaller stones on either side. She’s been seen wearing them in her music videos and concerts for years now — and she looks great doing it!

She effortlessly carries this look, donning the cross pendant on both a choker and an elongated chain that gracefully drapes past her chest. To achieve this versatile style for less, opt for a single pendant with an adjustable chain, allowing you to create various lengths in one accessory!

The Nicki Minaj Diamond Cross Pendant

The Nicki Minaj Diamond Cross Pendant

Nicki Minaj embraces a bold yet elegant aesthetic with her unique take on the diamond cross necklace. Ensure your chain is long enough to hang past your chest to channel her style. Pair it with a choker and plunging neckline or sheer fabric for the ultimate Nicki look, and make a statement that shines as bright as her iconic fashion choices.

The Kim Kardashian Diamond Cross Pendant

The Kim Kardashian Diamond Cross Pendant

While many celebrities like to preserve the timeless elegance of the cross pendant through classic vintage designs and colors, Kim Kardashian’s take on this look is worth noting. 

She acquired the exquisite Atallah Cross pendant adorned with amethyst and diamonds, previously worn by Princess Diana. The addition of the gemstone brings a captivating pop of color, enhancing its beauty and making it truly remarkable.

For a comparable look, consider cross pendants with fewer carats and more amethysts, as these gems are a more budget-friendly yet stunning alternative.  

The Selena Gomez Diamond Cross Pendant

The Selena Gomez Diamond Cross Pendant

Selena Gomez follows a minimalistic approach to showcase her spirituality and beauty. She pairs a simple cross pendant with a delicate chain to achieve this understated elegance.

This may be the easiest celebrity-inspired trend to replicate. Choose a high-quality pendant and chain, ensuring simplicity shines through in all its grace.

Wrapping Up

The diamond cross pendant is a chic accent piece that complements almost any outfit. You can wear it to the office, a cocktail party, or brunch with friends—the options are endless, and the look is timeless.

We recommend that you invest in a diamond cross pendant for yourself. While you may think these gems are out of your price range, there are always methods to customize the look to your style and budget at La Joya.

FAQs on Diamond Cross Pendants

Q1. What are the benefits of buying diamond cross pendants?

Diamond cross pendants have been around for generations and are popular with both genders. Additionally, they are adaptable enough to match any outfit in your closet, be it a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, or a stylish evening gown.

Q2. What is a diamond cross pendant?

A piece of jewelry with a diamond-encrusted cross is called a diamond cross pendant. While some crosses have numerous diamonds on each arm, others are constructed of a single huge diamond.

Q3. What varieties of crosses exist?

Crosses come in a wide range of varieties. The Maltese Cross, named for the island nation where it first appeared, consists of four arms radiating from a single center point, with two points pointing above and two below. However, the most famous is the Latin cross, with a vertical line intersecting a shorter horizontal line. 

Q4. Which are some celebrity-inspired styles of diamond cross pendants?

Celebrities like Selena Gomez and Rihanna have some of our favorite celebrity-inspired looks! Selena prefers to wear crosses covered in many little diamonds, while Rihanna typically wears crosses with a giant diamond in the center and lesser diamonds on either side. Pick your favorite design from our diamond crosses selection to replicate your favorite celeb’s appearance.

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