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Pave Engagement Rings

Lab Created Pave Diamond Engagement Rings
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Bezel Set Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring


Bezel Set Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

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Bezel Set Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring


Bezel Set Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

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Bezel Set Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring


Bezel Set Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

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At La Joya Jewelry, our mission is to make premium luxury jewelry easily accessible to those of us who believe you shouldn’t have to choose between affordability, morality and quality.

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La Joya Jewelry was born from radical thinking, merging affordability, morality, and quality without compromising on luxury diamonds. Heirloom, responsibly sourced, and world-class. Our promise to you. Are you with us?

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La Joya’s collection of engagement rings is a tribute to the allure of love, elegance, and shimmer. The Pavé setting, a technique where small diamonds are meticulously placed close together, creates an uninterrupted surface that radiates brilliance.

These engagement rings are inspired by the French word- Pavé, which means setting a path with cobblestones. In a similar style, the skilled artisans at La Joya have expertly set each glittering stone, resulting in an awe-inspiring showcase of craftsmanship and splendor.

Premium-Quality Engagement Rings

The collection of pavé engagement rings from La Joya is truly captivating as it takes inspiration from the tales of love. Each design is carefully crafted to symbolize the connection between two hearts. Whether you lean towards a modern aesthetic or a vintage split shank, you will find a pavé engagement ring in this collection that beautifully embodies the essence of your unique love story.

Embrace the Beauty of La Joya Engagement Rings

La Joya’s collection of pavé engagement rings presents a selection of designs ranging from timeless solitaires to detailed halo settings. Each ring is handcrafted using premium lab-grown diamonds, guaranteeing its longevity and transforming it into a family heirloom.

Why Choose La Joya?

At La Joya, our talented artisans meticulously create pave engagement rings using lab-grown diamonds. Unlike the extraction of natural diamonds, which can cause harm to the environment, our lab-grown diamonds are produced without displacing large amounts of earth. Moreover, we take pride in offering cruelty-free lab-grown diamonds, giving you a conscientious choice when selecting the perfect ring for the perfect moment.

Discover Your Perfect Pave Engagement Ring

The Yellow Gold and Rose Gold Pave Engagement Rings are perfect for those looking for a hint of warmth and luxury. These rings are made from gleaming gold and embellished with a diamond pave setting, which radiates elegance and allure.

You can choose from our engagement ring styles in white gold for a more sophisticated look. The engagement ring can also be lined with a micro pavé of lower carat weight to highlight a larger center diamond.

While the options are endless, regardless of the band or smaller diamonds, a Pavé diamond represents love and showcases the exquisite beauty that emerges when two hearts come together. It’s certainly a dream ring for your wish list.

Your Happiness Is Our Priority

We value our customers and strive to ensure their satisfaction by providing shipping, a comprehensive care plan that lasts for three years, and a hassle-free returns policy. Even after the free JM Care Plan expires, we provide lifetime complimentary cleaning, inspection, and prong tightening for your pave engagement ring. In the event of loss, we offer a generous 40% discount on re-orders, no questions asked.

Experience the sparkle, elegance, and timelessness of La Joya’s pave engagement ring collection. Let these beautiful creations capture and reflect the love that binds you and your partner. Explore La Joya’s collection of pavé engagement rings and embark on a journey of eternal love.

FAQs about Pave Engagement Rings

What are pave engagement rings, and how are they different from other types of rings?

Small diamonds or other gemstones that are set closely together to give the band or the area around the center stone a “paved” or paved like appearance are known as pave engagement rings. In contrast to other ring types this setting style has a number of smaller accent stones rather than a single large center stone.

What materials are commonly used in pave engagement rings, and which ones are the most durable?

Various precious metals like platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold are frequently used in pave engagement rings. Due to its exceptional strength and resistance to wear & tear, platinum is regarded as the option that will last the longest among these alternatives.

How does the pave setting enhance the overall appearance and sparkle of the center stone in an engagement ring?

The pave setting surrounds the center stone with a continuous band of closely spaced smaller stones enhancing its overall appearance & sparkle. This produces a sparkling effect that magnifies the centre stone’s brilliance & fire making it seem larger and more radiant.

Are pave engagement rings suitable for everyday wear, and do they require any special care or maintenance?

Pave engagement rings can be worn every day but because the smaller stones are so delicate they might need a little extra attention. When engaging in activities that could result in excessive impact or abrasion, it is best to take the ring off. It is also advised to have the stones regularly cleaned & examined by a qualified jeweller to ensure their security.

Can I customize a pave engagement ring to include specific gemstones or design elements?

Yes, a lot of jewellers let you customise pave engagement rings. You can frequently choose particular gemstones/ design components based on your preferences. To determine the viability of your desired customization and any potential effects on the overall structural integrity of the ring it is crucial to speak with a jeweller.

What factors should I consider when choosing a pave engagement ring, such as ring size, metal type, and diamond quality?

Take into account ring size, metal type and diamond quality when selecting a pave engagement ring. Make sure the ring is properly sized to ensure a snug fit. Choose a metal type that matches your preferences & personal style. To maximise the overall brilliance of the ring choose well cut diamonds with excellent clarity and colour grades. Also take into account your spending limit and the general style that you & your partner prefer.

Are pave diamonds secure?

Pave diamonds are firmly set using meticulous craftsmanship, with small prongs or beads holding them securely. Prioritize superior quality and routine upkeep to maintain the setting’s durability, ensuring lasting beauty and peace of mind.

Are pave diamonds real?

Yes, pave diamonds are genuine. They consist of small, closely set diamonds, giving the appearance of a continuous surface. Pave settings use real diamonds secured with tiny prongs or beads, enhancing brilliance. Discover authentic pave diamonds in our exquisite jewelry collections.