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Diamond necklaces are an evergreen accessory that has been around through the ages. The materials used, styles, and designs keep evolving. But diamond necklaces continue to be part of any modern-day fashion ensemble but with a twist.   

The interest in white gold diamond necklaces has perked everyone’s attention, from celebrities to everyday consumers. This is because white gold and diamonds are an attractive combination that has also captured the imagination of jewelers, who have brought out beautiful, unique designs. 

Let’s understand what makes the white gold diamond necklace a must-have accessory.


Made of Real Gold  

The gold used in white gold diamond necklaces is real, thus giving it more long-term value. Unlike pure gold, white gold is an alloy made from a mix of different metals. Typically, white gold is a mixture of zinc, nickel, palladium, and sometimes platinum.

Pure gold is a soft metal that is prone to corrosion and scratches. But white gold alloy is tougher and more resistant to wear and tear. The gold present in white gold is valuable, and its value keeps appreciating just like pure gold. 

The Growing Appeal of White Gold Diamond Necklaces  

The demand for white gold diamond necklaces has grown immensely in the last few years. The glamorous, versatile designs, coupled with attractive pricing, have contributed to its growing popularity. White gold complements cool-toned gems like diamonds extremely well and is a natural fit for this combination. However, they also come with other benefits, which have added to the appeal of white gold diamond necklaces.

White gold diamond necklaces are becoming more popular due to several reasons:  

White Gold Complements Diamonds   

The subtle luster of white gold complements the shine of diamonds. The two elements do not compete but blend well together, unlike, say, yellow gold and diamonds, where the warm yellow shimmer of gold competes with the sleek shine of the diamonds. 

Your Diamond Looks Bigger! 

White gold helps create an optical illusion where the diamond looks much bigger and becomes the centerpiece of the jewelry. For instance, the diamond in your solitaire necklace grabs attention and will stand out on your neckline. 

An Array of Pendant Designs 

Your diamond pendant can come in various designs – from a bezel setting to a simple solitaire. You can choose a white gold diamond necklace to suit every occasion – from everyday office wear to a special anniversary. 

Contemporary, Versatile Designs

White gold is a much newer alloy of gold. So, your white gold diamond necklace will have a contemporary, versatile design. You can choose something ornate or simple and elegant, based on your taste. The versatility of this combination makes it an attractive option.

Easy to Maintain 

White gold is a tough alloy, making it resistant to scratches and corrosion. Hence, it does not require too much maintenance. On the other hand, diamonds can be easily maintained by soaking them overnight in soapy water and wiping them dry the next day. These qualities make your white gold diamond necklace a convenient choice.    

Custom-Crafted Diamonds 

If you have very specific tastes in diamonds, you can opt for lab-created diamonds. This approach allows you to choose the cut, opacity, style, and color of diamonds. The creation of lab-crafted diamonds replicates natural earthly processes. But you can get a much bigger diamond for an attractive price. 

Resembles a Platinum Necklace 

Many consumers desire to own and wear platinum jewelry. However, Platinum is quite expensive. A Platinum diamond necklace would especially come at a premium. A white gold diamond necklace is just as attractive and closer in looks to its platinum counterpart. 

Suitable for Everyday Wear 

Today, you can choose from a range of white gold diamond necklaces designed for daily wear. They can be worn to the office and for social get-togethers. The white gold solitaire diamond necklace is especially a favorite among consumers.   

Wrapping Up

White gold diamond necklaces are growing in their appeal as everyday wear and jewelry that can be sported on special occasions. Consumers can choose from a wide array of stunning pendant designs and white gold chains that collectively make your necklace stand out. 

Today, you can discover a wide range of contemporary and traditional white gold necklaces at La Joya.

FAQs about White Gold Diamond Necklaces

What is a white gold diamond necklace? 

A white gold diamond necklace is a contemporary accessory made of white gold, an alloy of gold, when mixed with nickel, zinc, and palladium. The design may comprise a diamond pendant, or the necklace may have diamonds placed on the chain. Today, you can choose from a wide array of white gold diamond necklace designs of varying styles and gold values.    

Is white gold made of gold? 

Yes, white gold is made of real gold, and its value can be measured by the percentage of gold content in the jewelry. For instance, 18-karat gold has about 75% of gold content.   

Why are white gold diamond necklaces so popular? 

White gold diamond necklaces are stunning due to the complementary nature of white gold and diamonds. White gold blends extremely well with cool-toned gems such as diamonds. They deliver a contemporary look, which is difficult to achieve with traditional-looking gold options such as yellow gold.

There is a wide spectrum of designs to choose from, right from the design of the pendant to the look of the chain. The diamonds also appear larger when paired with white gold, an attractive option for any consumer. 

Can I wear white gold diamond necklaces every day?

Yes, you can wear your white gold diamond necklace every day. This is a perfect accessory for wearing it to the office, attending a meeting, or using it on special occasions like a dinner party or a night out.

How do I maintain my white gold diamond necklace? 

It is easy to maintain white gold diamond necklaces. It is advisable to take off the jewelry while sleeping or bathing. Avoid storing it too close to other metals. You can also soak the diamonds in soapy water briefly to help cleanse them and then wipe them clean.

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